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Monthly archive for December 2017

April Porche Testimonial

I finally got my nutrition in check with the help of Perfect Portions!

I am a 35 year young avid cyclist and gym enthusiast, and full time mom. I have been weight training for about 4 years and cycling just over 1 year. 

My weight has always been balanced and I’ve tried my best to eat right.

During a time of wanting to take my body to another level I ran into Tim and Allison and questioned them on their meal prepping. 

I met up with Tim and he helped me by figuring out the proper portions, calorie intake, and meals I needed to meet my next level goals of slimming down without losing my muscle mass while enjoy the weights and the extended amount of cycling my body undergoes. 

By week 6 with Perfect Portions I noticed a physical change in my body. Not only did I lose inches but I gained another level of energy with the right nutrition.

The meals are not only healthy and suited for your needs, they taste good and are never boring. Having lunches and dinners prepped in advance is a huge convenience for always being on the go too. Traveling with these meals is super easy as well.

Being a client of Perfect Portions has the perks mentioned above but also the creation of a new friendship with Tim and Allison that feels like seeing family every Sunday for meal pickups.

8 weeks in and still going strong!

Thank You Tim and Allison